[Infographic] Why Video Drives More Sales?

Videos are a great way to increase website traffic and improve conversion rates for a business. Videos can provide you with excellent returns on investment (ROI). On average, consumers tend to spend 88 percent more time on a website that incorporates videos.

Here is an infographic on Why video drives more sales

video drive sales infographic

They also report feeling more confident when buying a product or service, if they have watched a video of it beforehand. Providing both auditory and visual stimuli, videos tend to hold the interest of the audience. Some of the benefits of video marketing are:

1. Educational

Well made videos can be very informative and educational in nature. They can provide step by step instructions to potential customers about how to use, care, and store a new product.

2. Trust

Through videos, the owners of a business can speak directly to the customers. Unlike television interviews, there is no time limit and the conversation is natural, organic, and to the point. This kind of direct and honest communication helps build trust between a business and its patrons.

3. Credibility

High quality and informative videos that add value can help a business gain credibility in the market. By regularly posting extensively researched and well-produced videos, a company can become an influential voice in the industry and among the consumers.

4. Relationships

Through videos, a business can build a relationship with its customers. By allowing people to leave comments on their videos, companies can have a constructive, two-way dial