5 Achievable Steps in a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

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5 Achievable Steps in a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Digital screens are an inevitable part of our day’s active moments. From morning alarms to news and messages, our phones are with us from our waking moments, right up to the time we retire to bed.

From a marketing perspective, it is undoubtedly evident that the quickest and surest way to connect with the audience and customers alike is through engaging video content. A successful video marketing strategy can gain a high influx of costumers and enhance the ROI on any marketing campaign.

Video marketing can be expensive, given the amount of critical thinking and cosmetic effort involved in the process. However, here are some invaluable tips to develop a video marketing strategy that is affordable, scalable, and successful.

Establish the Aim for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy can serve various purposes but if it gets to be too self-promotional, it can lose its impact and the audiences will stop noticing it.

While giving out your message, the video must be informative, entertaining, and motivational for the viewers to remember it and share it with their friends and colleagues. By sharing your marketing video with everyone, you are invoking an emotion that the audiences can relate to. Apart from the sales perspective, your video can thus become an experience for all watchers to keep in mind.

For your video marketing strategy to fetch you the best results, here are some of the things you have to establish beforehand:

  • The kind of target audience who are likely to buy your product or enable your services
  • What are the most likely mindsets that will lead them to find your video attractive and shareable, and finally
  • The route, content, placement and duration, that you should take for your video content to be appreciated and shared

Decide the Topic And Format To Follow In Your Video Marketing Campaign

Establish a theme for your videos and ensure a dedicated team looks after the project at every step of approval. It is important at this stage to stress on the senior management overseeing the content and placement of the brand. The video will reach out to the masses and thus has great potential to carry forward the brand’s image in the digital space.

If you have a product or service that provides health and wellness programs for individuals, you might want to emphasize the benefits of staying fit in your videos rather than just asking them to join your program. Highlighting the takeaways for the audience will make them want to know more about your product.

Find the Best Medium that Fits Your Budget to Develop Your Video

There may be several options at hand for deciding who will develop the video content for your company. For those who have the time to research and expertise in creating quality content, developing a video can be done in-house. One must dedicate enough time, effort, and insight in maintaining the desired standards of production.

You can even choose to work with an advertising agency for creating and marketing your video. The agency will look into the quality of content and strategic placement of your video on various digital and social media platforms.

Depending on your product and niche, there is also the option of working in partnership with freelance video bloggers and influencers. With their relevant followers and audience on social media, bloggers can integrate your product with little extra effort.

When deciding on the best way to develop your videos, keep in mind your target audience, your time availability, your budget, and your creativity. Review these elements to decide the best option for your brand.

Create Content that will Make Audiences Want to Know More About Your Brand

A video campaign can be a series where a thought or story is left incomplete in each video and continued forward in the next. Audiences will then look forward to what will unfold in the upcoming video and if they like what they see, they will share your videos. This way you will know that you have struck the right chord and that your campaign is a success. While attracting the attention of potential customers, the video will be proudly shared by the existing ones.

Promote Your Video on the Right Platforms

While your videos should be fun and insightful to watch, they must help you get to the right audience at the right time and give your business the right traction. You can partner with related brands and promote your service or product in conjunction with them. Such partnerships can be limited by your budget. However, you can organically increase views of your published content by sharing through employees, bloggers and other businesses. Reiterating the necessity of good content, if your videos are attractive enough they will find audiences who will promote your brand willingly and for free.

Here is a quick recap of the quintessential checklist for social media posts:

  • Keep publishing videos at uniformly spaced time intervals
  • Focus on content to make it more informative and interactive
  • Watch out for user-reviews and customize content in accordance with the feedback
  • Give live videos a preference
  • Make the best of performance metrics such as open-rates, peak time, lead generation etc.
  • Use appropriate keywords in tags, title and description for your videos to improve search engine optimization
  • Try out various platforms and keep track of performance

5 Achievable Steps in a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Dig into the various ways for delivering the most effective approach and topics for your brand messaging. Experiment with ideas and while you are looking into something new and different, it may help if you can have a look into what others are up to. Videos that touch the heart of the viewer are accepted more readily. Audiences are likely to share and view the video more than once. Small and growing businesses can particularly benefit from creative video marketing for gaining better reach to the audiences within a shorter time span.

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Which Industries Need the Assistance of a Commercial Video Production House?

commercial video production

Which Industries Need the Assistance of a Commercial Video Production House?

Commercial video production is one of the most important contents for advertisement and assistance in recent times. The new generation prefers watching video over reading a thorough text full of details. Commercial video content not only appeals to the maximum involvement of senses, attracting the audience, but also has immense benefits to the business too. It provides a detailed insight of what the company wishes to upload, giving them a taste of live experience which builds trust of the customers. Commercial video also takes a business to the global level appealing to a worldwide audience. This kind of a video production gives the best return on investments and high rates of booking from both the country and outside. But not all industries are still aware of the huge scope and advantages that come along with commercial video production.

Here are a few industries that need the assistance of the same

Performing Arts

One of the industries that perhaps cannot do without video is the entertainment industry. But until very recently only a fraction of talent in performing arts were being watched and appreciated. It was mainly concentrated to and around Hollywood. Commercial productions made musicians and artists with talent cover their performance up and upload them to different search engines. This gave everyone a fair chance to be seen and heard at the lowest cost. Artists especially the young and new ones are today being appreciated all over the world with for the own credibility through such video productions. Because of this, talents are also shining up from nooks and corners of the world.

Hospitality Industry

Another industry that has gained big because of the video production is the hospitality industry. Hotels, big or small, upload their own commercials through production houses like the Las Vegas video production and help give the feel of the place to their customers. Because of the videos the customers are able to connect well with the hotels and automatically booking rates increase. Foreign nationals, business travelers, and other conscious people first dive in to watch a video rather than reading the descriptions one by one in details.

Food Industry

Food industry is another one which invariably gain from the video commercials they make. The recipes of cooking, the way they are being served, restaurants interior – all of them get a huge exposure due to video commercials. Besides advertisements of the food outlet, do make us aware of the different food availability at nooks and corners.

Here is an example of our Video production for Fly-N-Fish Oyster Bar and Grill

Fly-N-Fish Oyster Bar and Grill from LidoLiveTv on Vimeo.

Tech Industry

When it comes to tech products average people are unaware of its minute details. The tech product videos are made in a way which appeals to the diverse range of customers and shows them the easier way to deal with it. The tech videos make the customer believe that they can actually operate them and with the luring price discounts often, the commercials enhance the product sale. Las Vegas Video Production is one such example of how videos can really make a huge difference in the growth of business.

Automotive Industry

Another very important industry that is largely dependent on commercial video is the automotive industry. The operations of cars and the way they run cannot be expressed at all without videos being projected. Every time a new four wheeler or two wheeler appears in the market, it has to show up how exactly it is better than the previous model or other competitors and that cannot be done through pictures because cars are fundamentally machines. The show working procedure of machines cannot be done without video being put up. Starting from Toyota to Duster, Honda to BMW, all of them communicate through video advertising. So is it in case of bikes.

Here is an example of our Video production for The GTB 488 by Ferrari

The GTB 488 by Ferrari from LidoLiveTv on Vimeo.

Beauty Industry

Beauty products stress on the changes that can happen to a person when the product is being applied. So pointing out the change and projecting is the sole focus when it comes to beauty product. To built up the target audience’s trust, the entire thing can be best represented in a video commercial. Moreover, taking up a favorite star or sportsman further draws the customers toward the product. This attachment is formed when customers see their favorite stars themselves recommending the brand within the video. There are a lot of production houses like the Las Vegas video production which come up with such things.

These are a few of a very large list of industries which have gained huge from commercial video production and run mainly on video advertisements. Even for corporate branding, apparel industry, wedding shoots, travel and tourism, online coaching, and other educational purpose video have become increasingly popular mediums of advertisement. In the whole process, video industry in turn has had its own market boom too. Once someone gets to learn how to make a decent video, it is actually easier to set up a business of one’s own and that can always be developed. Thus making video commercials is the new trend for advertising content, which acts as catalytic supplements to the company expansion.